Single Scan

  • Try us out
  • Experience a DEXA scan
  • Need a baseline to work to


Billed as a one-off payment

Come meet us and chat over your health and fitness goals, experience a scan and see the power of knowing your data.

Monthly Scan

  • Best value
  • Keep accountable
  • Cancel anytime and give credit aways


Billed every month | Credits roll over

Keep accountable and come for a monthly scan to track your progress and to stay on top of your health.

Most cost effective plan

Quarterly Scan

  • Most efficient
  • Cost effective
  • See body changes every 12 weeks


Billed every 3 months | Credits roll over

Track progress on a 3-month cycle to keep you motivated and on track.


PHY Scan

PHY Starter Pack

  • Baseline scan (Scan 1)
  • Follow-up scan (Scan 2, 6 weeks later)
  • Personal movement plan


Billed as a one-off payment

In a 1-minute scan, millions of data points are summarized into actionable insights to recalibrate imbalances, which is then delivered into rehab reports.

Additional Scan

  • Continue to track muscular skeletal imbalances
  • Get additional movement plans


Billed every month | Credits roll over


Fitness Panel

Single Take-Home Test

  • Self administered finger prick test
  • Sent back via mail or in store
  • Results in 5 business days


Billed as a one-off payment

17 bio-marker blood test, targeting inflammation, balance, cardiovascular health and metabolic fitness.

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